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Constant Chapped and Peeling Lips and How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips


Lipstick advertisements are enough to make you want to cry if you suffer from chronic dry lips. You have tried everything and yet, instead of having soft, flawless lips that lipstick lays on smoothly, you have chronically cracked lips that make it look as if you are in an abusive relationship. This is a guide to smooth, sexy lips.

Chronic, severe, peeling, chapped lips, causes, remedies, and getting rid
Dry, chapped and peeling lips 

First, let’s agree, dry lips are normal for everyone. Lips are constantly busy. They are used to talk, eat, drink, smoke, kiss, form into various shapes to express different emotions etc. Moreover, unlike the rest of the body, the lips have no oil glands of their own. This means they need constant moisture.

However, there are habits you engage in and factors outside your control that keep your lips chapped and peeling. There is hope still if you follow this guide! Remember, both men and women have lips and use them, so this guide is not just for women. At the very least, everyone likes to kiss soft lips.

Why you should take care of your lips

  • There are consequences to neglected lips. Cracks can become bigger, infected and even lead to an accumulation of fungus. No one wants that!
  • They are right on your face. You can’t hide them and lipstick does not cover the cracks, leaving you looking unnecessarily unattractive.  Even worse, is that people look at your lips as you speak to them. So for the sake of vanity and leaving a good impression, let’s figure out what we can do to save your lips and preserve your sexy.

Dry lips cause

Weather and lack of protection

There is no better recipe for chapped lips than good old’ winter weather. The combination of bitter wind, cold snow and dry air with no humidity is everything necessary for sucking all the moisture out of your lips.

Sun exposure in summer also leaves your lips dry and peeling, especially if you like being outdoors. It’s important to remember that the elements are harsh for your lips, which have only a thin layer to protect them.  


Water is essential and useful for our bodies in literally every way. Insufficient water intake created dryness on your lips and generally keeps you unhealthy. More water keeps your mouth wet and prevents cracking or peeling.

Other than water, there are drinks that cause irritation for your lips and they happen to be difficult to quit- alcohol and coffee, no matter how delicious and necessary, leave your lips dehydrated.

I am not so unrealistic as to suggest quitting the above for the sake of smooth lips, but using a straw instead, allows you to indulge in your vices while protecting your lips.

Licking, peeling, biting and picking at your lips

So this one is entirely on you! Fidgeting with your lips is as bad a habit as biting fingers, but just as subconscious. You may not even realize how often you do it, and may just catch yourself in the act occasionally. Stop it. Stop it right now! It is exactly the wrong thing to do.

When you feel like your lips are dry, you lick them in an effort to keep them wet. Licking your lips constantly in an effort to moisturize it is actually redundant. This is because saliva has a chemical reaction that works to dry your lips. As the saliva evaporates on your lips, it takes away moisture leaving them worse off. So then you lick, and your lips become drier, so you keep licking until it is a compulsive habit.

Extreme licking of the lips causes a form of dermatitis sometimes referred to as windburn which creates sores, and wounds.

When you find that your lips are cracked, your first instinct is most likely to peel the skin off or pick at it. This only serves to tear the skin and remove its thin protective layer. Pull hard enough, and you find that your lips are bleeding which can lead to infections or worse.

Biting, on the other hand, is mostly a subconscious reaction to anxiety, stress or boredom. It has the same effect as peeling and picking- which is basically, rough lips.

So be more aware of your bad habits and improve!

Beauty products and medication

Sometimes the products we use can cause allergic reactions. This can be any product that comes into contact with your lips. “high-pigment matte lipstick and face cleansers or creams with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that gets applied around the mouth” cause dry lips. Just as well, shampoo, soap, and even toothpaste.

This doesn’t mean stop using your favorite beauty products, but after washing, apply lip balm to restore moisture. In regards to lipstick, if it causes your lips to crack, then I’m afraid you may have to change your brand, for your lips’ sake!

Although this is sometimes unavoidable, it is significant to note that “certain prescription medications, like Accutane for acne or wrinkles, propranolol for blood pressure, or prochlorperazine for vertigo, can cause chapped lips” says symptom find. Some illnesses as well, such as cancer have chapped lips as a side effect. All you can do in this instance is to inform your doctor and look for an alternative or take extra care of your lips at this time.

Medicated, waxy and menthol lip balms

We all know that lip balm is a solution for dry lips, but guess what? Not always. Basically, some lip balms cause more harm than good. It is important to find the products that work for you but here are some helpful guidelines on what to avoid.

Medicated lip balms have menthol, antibiotics or even sometimes, numbing agents but none of them have any proven medicinal value. They may offer temporary relief but in the long run, affect your lips negatively. So don’t fall for it, read further on to see what type of balm you should invest in.

Did you know that your lips could get addicted to lip balm? I didn’t.  Especially with “wax-based and menthol lip balms or ones with fragrances or active ingredients that are more likely to cause irritation.” The constant use of these products regularly leave “your lips too sensitive and dry to form their own natural barrier” and as a result, your lips are always calling out for protection.

You also want to avoid lip balms with peppermint flavor or citrus fruit if you have chapped lips. They cause itching and irritation, and scratching your lips in public is not socially acceptable behavior.

How to get rid of chapped lips

There is no chapped lips cure, but there are remedies you can apply to help improve your lip care routine.

1. Protect your lips

The waxy, menthol lip balms that have filled the market with promises of luscious lips are actually only short term solutions. They don’t actually moisturize the lips, but instead create a barrier which is useful in fighting the elements.

So what is the best lip balm for chapped lips? Again, it is important to find the products that work for you. It’s a game of trial and error, but there are some that are better than others.

Your lips need moisture absorbed to prevent crack and splits. Emollient based lip balms and chap sticks moisturize the lips and make them softer. Some examples of emollient balms are “shea butter olive oil, emu oil, or coconut oil which absorb very well” according to Buzzfeed.

Remember to use lip balm every couple of hours to keep your skin smooth and soft. Especially right before bed and after you wake up, and before you put on any lipstick. This will protect your lips all day and night.

2. Cover your lips       

In winter, wear a scarf and raise it to cover your lips when it is cold. This actually helps!

In summer, use lip balm that has sunscreen in it to shield your lips from the sun. However, note that most people recommend using lip balm with sunscreen in it, all year long.

3. Drink lots of water

This is self-explanatory. Drink water. Lots of it. It’s good for you anyway in basically every way!

4. Take a break

When your lips are cracked, take a break from flavored lip balm, lipsticks or lip glosses to give your lips a chance to heal. I know it’s difficult not putting on your favorite colors for a while, but fret not, once your lips are smooth again, you will be happy enough to leave them bare!

5. Home remedies for chapped lips

Yes, you can use the ingredients in your kitchen to make an exfoliator to use on your lips. You can use, honey, sugar, salt, warm water, coconut oil, etc. Remember to be gentle.

Here are some useful home remedies for chapped lips.

Also, apply lip balm and using a soft- thistle brush (this is important because your lips as sensitive) gently brush your lips until they become soft. It actually works.

6. See a dermatologist

Should all the above fail to help you get rid of your chapped lips, then see a dermatologist. You may have an infection or allergic reaction or even a skin condition. The most commonly known is Cheilitis which starts with cracks on the side of the mouth and eventually can lead to infection or lesions.

So there you have it! Everything you can do to get rid of severely chapped lips. Now that your lips are sexy again, take a selfie, post it, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

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