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Sunburn Skin Peeling Causes, Lotions, Creams, Remedies and Prevention


If you have recently gotten some sunburn, then you are likely to see some skin peeling a few days after the sunburn. The living tissues on your skin are affected by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The effect mainly comes in the form of sunburn.

Severely peeling skin around the neck after a bad sunburn (chronic, serious)
Severely peeling skin around the shoulder area after a bad sunburn

Before skin peeling, you will see certain symptoms such as pain, reddish skin, fatigue and general body weakness. In some instances, the sunburn will disappear on its own. In other instances, the sunburn is very resilient and may be followed by skin peeling.

Not everyone gets sunburn following exposure to ultraviolet rays. However, some people are prone to getting sunburn following a short exposure to the same. In this context, many people apply sunscreen before taking days off during hot days.

If you have recently experienced sunburn or sunburn skin peeling, then you should consider looking for creams for peeling sunburn, moisturizers, lotions or exfoliator for peeling skin. These, alongside other home remedies, may provide relief to the peeling skin.

According to on sunburn, white skins are likely to experience more sunburn skin peeling than the black ones. Medically, black skins have a strong layer of melanin that prevents sunburn. However, light skins have little melanin, thus the increased risk of getting sunburn and skin peeling.

Why does your skin peel after sunburn?

You shouldn’t get worried when your skin starts peeling off after sunburn. The peeling may be witnessed on the face or in other parts of the body. In most instances, sunburn skin peeling may be itchy and at times wet. Even before you ask yourself what’s good for peeling skin from sunburn, you should understand that skin peeling is a way of getting rid of dead cells. on Why Your Skin Peels after Sunburn According to Dermatologists notes that sunburn is characterized with damaged skin cells. The body has its own ways of getting rid of these dead, damaged cells through skin peeling. In this context, sunburn skin peeling is not an indication of an infection.

Many people experience skin peeling 3 weeks after sunburn. This is because; cells take time to die following exposure to ultraviolent rays. When sunburn occurs, your skin undergoes through a programmed cell death.

Programmed cell death occurs when the cells are too much damaged to survive. For new cells to grow, your skin has to get rid of the dead ones. This is what many people call sunburn skin peeling.

In the article Why Your Skin Peels after Sunburn, from notes that the skin peels off as a protection mechanism. Dermatologists have noted that the dead skins may contribute to skin cancer. To prevent this, the skin peels off after sunburn.

However, it’s always advisable to prevent sunburn instead of waiting till it occurs for one to look for remedies. Questions such as what’s good for peeling skin from sunburn or sunburn skin peeling remedy would not be there if people can adopt simple protective measures such as applying sunscreen and wearing hats.

Relief remedies

How do you keep sunburn from peeling? This is one of the many questions that sunburn victims ask themselves. Other people ask how long sunburn skin peeling takes to be experienced. If you are asking yourself these questions, here are some of the remedies that you can adopt to prevent skin peeling.

According to on 6 Peeling Skin Remedies We All Need After a Bad Sunburn, the best remedy for peeling skin for you may not be the best for the other person. The cream for peeling skin after sunburn depends on the part experiencing the peeling. Sunburn face peeling treatment may not work on other parts of the body.  In this context, below are some trusted remedies for sunburn skin peeling:

Never scratch the affected skin regions

When the sunburn skin is peeling off, the affected areas are always itchy. There is always a temptation to scratch that part. Sometimes the itching may be too much. However, scratching may worsen the condition. When the scratching urge is too much, consider placing some ice on the affected region. Ice helps in reducing the itching sensation.

Cool your body down

Sunburn skin peeling is experienced more when temperatures rise, especially during hot days or nights. However, you can control the peeling by cooling your body. This can be done by taking a cold bath. A cold shower relaxes body cells, including the skin ones. When you dry your skin, you may consider applying what you consider to be the best lotion for peeling skin after sunburn or any other cream for peeling skin.

Avoid rubbing the affected skin

If you notice some peeling on a particular section of your skin, you shouldn’t rub it. You should gently wipe that area when drying your skin after a shower. Furthermore, avoid clothes that may rub that skin area. Rubbing your skin may spread the peeling to other areas that have sunburn.

Always keep your skin moist with lotions and creams

Use sunscreens or sunblocks to reduce sunburn and later sun peeling
Use sunblocks to reduce sunburn

After cooling your skin through a bath, consider gently moisturizing your skin. Sunburn skin peeling is likely to be more when the skin is dry. There exist numerous creams, lotions and other products that can be used on sunburn to keep the skin moist. Some of the best moisturizers for peeling sunburn contain aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has a cooling affect that helps in reducing skin irritation following sunburn.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water

Using lotions, gels and moisturizers is not enough if your body is internally dehydrated. In this context, sunburn skin peeling might be on the rise. To avoid this, drinking a lot water provides a reliable home remedy to prevent peeling. According to on  How to Soothe a Sunburn, drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily may soothe the sunburn, thus preventing peeling.

Drinking a lot of water does not only soothe the skin. Water plays a vital role in helping the skin to repair following sunburn. Water also plays a significant role in reviving most skin cells that had been affected by the sunburn.

Please leave the peeling skin

When the skin starts peeling, some people tend to peel it off. The temptation to peel the peeling skin off is sometimes too much. However, peeling it will only be a catalyst to further peeling. In this context, leave your skin alone. Pulling off the dead skin cells may spread the peeling to other sections of your skin.

Why can’t you prevent sunburn?

Honestly, skin peeling after sunburn is very irritating. You may not like the itching that comes along with it. Therefore, wearing a hat or applying sunscreen a few minutes before getting out of the house is all you need. Avoid sunburn and you may never have to worry about sunburn skin peeling.

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