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Sweaty Balls Causes, Cures, Remedies and Best Powders for Sweaty Balls


Having a sweaty crotch can be irritating and very uncomfortable. No one wants to be associated with sticky, smelly balls. Nobody enjoys awkward moments like when you feel like scratching your itching balls in public. How do you feel when your partner refuses to give you head because of the odor emanating from the nether regions?  It’s embarrassing.

Sweaty balls causes, remedies, cures and best powders for scrotum sweating
Sweaty balls often lead to smelly balls

Apart from the embarrassment, a swampy crotch can also lead to fungal infections.


There are several factors that can lead to sweaty or smelly balls;

  • Hyperhidrosis- This is a medical condition that is associated with heavy sweating. It’s initiated by low blood sugar levels, overactive thyroids, hypertension and other illnesses.
  • Improper underwear- wearing tight and wet underwear can result to moist groin. Your body may also be reacting to pants that have chemical fiber or residue of detergent material
  • Excess sex or masturbation with constant scratching can also lead to sweaty balls
  • Consuming food with a lot of spices is also a probable cause of sweating in your groin are
  • People who do not take regular baths are prone to having regular sweats
  • Obese and over-weight people normally have excess fats and tender skin in their groin area which are good heat conductors that can trigger sweaty balls.
  • Stress, anxiety and fatigue can overstimulate the sweat glands leading to excessive sweating including the groin area
  • Physical action such as running, walking and other activities brought about by use of both legs can trigger excessive sweating in the groin area.

Remedies and cures

It’s not easy to permanently cure crotch sweat but here are some ways in which you can control the embarrassing problem;

Practice good personal and general hygiene

  • Good hygiene practices are very important when you have sweaty balls. Hygiene is actually the best solution to stop crotch sweat.
  • Ditch the pubes: You don’t need that bush down there. Trimming your pubes will increase airflow and reduce sweating.
  • Take regular baths:  Regular cold baths will reduce the body temperature and thus reduce the sweating. Ensure to scrub the area around your balls until all the dead skin comes off because it contributes to your odor.
  • Change your boxers and briefs regularly to maintain your freshness
  • Use mild detergents when washing your innerwear. This will help remove the sweat from your clothes.
  • Use antiperspirant soap when taking showers. Avoid scented soap because it can lead to an odor within the hour after showering. A strong soap can also cause itching.
  • After bathing, towel yourself well before putting on your clothes to ensure the dumbness is gone.

Choose good clothing and fabrics

  • You should mostly wear linen because it insulates heat does reducing the body temperature
  • Invest in quality underwear- The best underwear for sweaty balls is one with synthetic material because of its ability to absorb moisture. This might be a little more expensive but trust me, it’s worth every penny.
  • Avoid tight clothes- Tight clothing induces sweat and if it is clubbed with hot and humid temperature, they will start to perspire.

Reduce spicy Food

  • Consuming spicy and pungent food regularly causes the scrotum to sweat. Reduce the intake of spicy food and consume the water or dairy products to cool the body.

Reduce weight

  • Excess fat at the groin area can make the scrotum to sweat. Lose the weight to stop excessive sweating.

Try using baby wipes

  • Use baby wipes to soak the sweat and to keep it dry. It is important to gently stroke the scrotum to prevent peeling off the skin.

Best powder for sweaty balls

It’s common knowledge that you can fix any kind of sweating with some kind of powder or deodorant. However, the groin area is very sensitive and therefore you should consider one without side effects like irritation or burning when choosing the best deodorant or powder for your sweaty balls.

There are several products out there that are recommended for sweaty balls, I have reviewed most  of these products and found out the best to be Chassis powder.

The powder is made of natural products like Aloe Vera which helps avoid irritation and Baking Soda which neutralizes the odor associated with sweaty balls. No user has reported any side effects.

It’s also available in fresh scents and unscented varieties and retails for around $18.00 on Amazon.

You can check here for reviews on sweaty balls’ products.

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