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Men Frizzy Hair Treatment Solutions, Remedies and Best Hairstyles


A research by Yale University revealed something very unusual about men. The study suggested that men who are not happy with their hair tend to be less sociable than their colleagues who have sorted their hair issues. The study confirmed the fact that hair affects’ more than just a man’s appearance.

Frizzy hair in men solutions, hairstyles, and remedies
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We all handle challenges every day but there are those men who handle bigger challenges than others. One category that comes to my mind for the latter group is that of men who must deal with frizzy hair each morning.

Most guys with wavy frizzy hair find this a very big challenge and opt to do away with it by just shaving. Even though this is the easiest way out, maintaining your curls is not very hard. All you need is to tame them to maintain that groomed look.

Frizzy hair solutions that men should consider

1. Avoid Shampoo

Most people believe that because hair frizzes are caused by moisture losses, the best solution would be to frequently wash your hair with shampoo. The opposite is true.

Shampoos wash away the natural oil that your scalp secretes thus making your hair frizzy, so avoiding them is a rational way of getting read of the curly frizzes. Plain water and small amounts of the right conditioners can optimally clean your hair.

But if you must use shampoo, ensure it’s the one specialized for curly men hair. The best shampoo for frizzy hair should be one that nourishes and moisturizes the hair.

2. Do not brush your hair

Brushing your hair, especially with hair brushes strips away the natural scalp oil and damages the hair shape and scalp. This is something men with frizzy hair should avoid. If you must style your mane, then use your fingers. Your fingers

Take warm showers

Taking a shower with mild water is ideal for your hair because it will allow you to run your fingers smoothly through your curls. This is because very hot water can damage your hair while too cold water is irritating on frizzy hair.

3. Keep your hair moisturized

The most basic way to fight hair frizz is to ensure your hair does not dry up. You can use a leave in conditioner after your bathes and cleaning your hair. The conditioner helps seal in the water used to bathe as well as moisture from the environment. The conditioner works wonders when applied on damp hair

4. Ditch the hair gels

Most hair gel products are here to make money. The earlier you understand this the better. Most of these styling products are designed in such a way that your hair dries up once they wear off. The rationale behind this is to make you go back to the shops and buy more. Because you need more to keep your hair from drying.

Mixing the hair products can work well for those who insist on buying them.

5. Keep your hair short

Another frizzy hair remedy is to wear your hair short. Longer hair makes it hard for natural oils secreted by the scalp to reach the tip of the hair. These leaves your hair wavy and frizzy. Keeping it short will also ensure enough air circulation thus maintaining your freshness.

Hairstyles when frizzy and curly or wavy

While it is difficult to tame, frizzy hair can give you numerous and endless styling possibilities.  Some of the factors to consider when looking for a good hairstyle or hair cut are; the length of your hair, shape of your head and type of hair. There are boundless hairstyles for frizzy hair.

One of the most popular haircuts for curly hair men is the curly under cut. In this style you, you shorten the hair on the sides and keep a longer length on top of your head. To achieve this, use a longer clipper.

 You can lightly rub some pomade on your curls to keep them neat and glossy.

You can check some more hairstyles and cuts for curly and wavy frizzy hair here

Home remedies

There are several natural products to treat dry and frizzy hair in men. I will just take you through one method here.

Ingredients; one mashed banana, one table spoonful of honey, two table spoons of olive oil.


  • Add the one table spoon of honey to the mashed banana and mix well. Add two spoons of olive oil to the mixture and continue mixing.
  • Apply it on your hair and leave it for up to 20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. The results will be amazing.
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