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How to Remove Pubic Hairs by Shaving, Creams, Permanently with Laser and Electrolysis


Pubic hair is any type of hair that is found in the genital area of mature adults. In most cases, this type of hair is located around the crotch, inside of thighs and sex organs. It is also possible to find this hair in the pubis region, especially around the pubis bone.

Pubic hair removal, shaving, for men and women
Pubic hair removal - shaving 

Pubic hair in human beings develops during puberty. The hair is thought to be as a result of increased production of estrogens and androgens in females and males consecutively. Pubic hair is considered to a major component of secondary sex characteristics in human beings.

Removing private part hairs

Pubic hair removal is also known as pubic hair depilation or epilation. This is a deliberate removal of body hair growing in the genitals. Apart from the genitals, people are also likely to remove hair growing in other parts of the body such as eyebrows, armpits, arms and legs.

Pubic hair removal is mainly done through depilation. Depilation mainly takes place through trimming or shaving. Pubic hair removal in males and females can also be done through epilation. Epilation removes the entire hair, including the one growing beneath the skin.

In the recent past, pubic hair removal has been associated with numerous injuries. The best way to remove private hair is the one that guarantees you total safety. It also involves the use of the pubic hair removal wax and cream veet.

Today, it is normal to see women or men shaving pubes. This is mainly done through the use of pubic hair trimmers alongside other pubic hair removal products. In this context, the right procedures should be adopted so as to avoid injuries resulting from shaving.

Female pubes removal 

According to on Removing Pubic Hair, the choice to remove pubic hair or not is personal. While some women would choose to remain with their pubic hair intact, others choose to trim it. {}

Furthermore, one has the freedom to choose how she will remove her pubic hair. Some girls shave their pubic hair at home while others go to salons to have bikini wax. So, personal preference explains this trend in pubic hair removal.

How to remove private hair in females - ideas

According to on Hair Removal, there exist numerous pubic hair removal products that one can choose. While some people go for pubic hair removal wax, others go for pubic hair removal creams and lasers. Below are some of the recommended methods of pubic hair removal:

1. Waxing

Wax is a warm liquid that is applied to the regions occupied by the hair.Once the wax is applied on the pubic region, a piece of cloth is placed over it to prevent the wax from drying up. After a few seconds, wax dries up and the cloth containing the wax is removed. This dried up wax comes out with the hair.

Although the method is a little painful, it removes all the hair, including the roots. This complete pubic hair removal ensures that the hair takes a long time before growing again. However, one should be careful on the amount of wax applied on the skin as too much wax can burn your skin.

Pubic hair removal by waxing
Waxing pubic hair (private parts hair)

2. Electrolysis – permanent pubic hair removal

Unlike other methods of pubic hair removal, electrolysis is the only method that guarantees you permanent removal of hair. If you are wondering on how to get rid of pubic hair permanently at home, then electrolysis is the method to choose. The method is an answer to many people who seek to remove pubic hair without shaving.

3. Cream Hair Removers - pubic hair removal cream

If you are considering removing pubic hair for the first time, then this painless method will work for you. According to on Removing Pubic Hair, there exist numerous pubic hair removal creams and veets that work differently for different people. In this context, read the label on the cream to make sure that it is the best product for you.

4. Shaving pubic hair - shaving off pubic hairs 

Shaving provides a simple home remedy for pubic hair removal. So how to shave pubic hair for the first time? We are not going to give you the details but rather something small on pubic hair shaving.

Although an easy way to remove pubic hairs, remember shaved pubic hair will always grow again within a few days. Furthermore, the pubic region can be easily irritated by the shaving machine.

In the article Bikini Hair Removal, notes that if you are wondering on how to shave pubic hair for the first time, you should consider having a pair of scissors, razor and a shaving gel.

5. Pubic hair removal using a laser

This is another way of removing pubic hair permanently without shaving. The user of laser involves use of a strong beam of light that destroys the hair follicle. When the hair follicle dies, the hair falls off. However, the method may not have expected results to everyone since all skins are unique. In some instances, your skin may feel irritated by the beam. In other cases, the beam may harm your eyes if you don’t use protective apparels. However, the method gives a guarantee of permanent pubic hair removal.

Permanent pubic hair removal with laser
Hair removal with a diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm.
Epilation of the deep bikini zone with the help of apparatus for laser hair removal. Equipment for hair removal.

How to remove pubic hair for men

To men, pubic hair removal has proved to be quite a challenge. Given their pride, many men can’t imagine someone invading their pubic region with a razor, laser beam or an epilator. In this context, many men may opt to live with their pubic hair intact. However, here are some facts you should know about genital hair removal in men.

The best way to shave pubes depends on the method adopted. According to on The Complete Male Guide to Genital Hair Removal, many men would go for shaving instead of epilator or laser beam. To them, anyone can shave himself. Caution should; however, be taken when shaving to avoid irritation.

If you are wondering on how to remove pubic hair without causing irritation, here are some of the measures you should adopt:

  • If you are shaving for the first time, pay attention to the direction of your hair. Your shaving should be guided by the direction in which your hair is growing.
  • Always use a sharp razor to reduce irritation.
  • Always read labels on the shaving creams so as to use the ones that do not irritate your skin.
  • Use the appropriate blade in your razor to reduce skin irritation
  • Always use an aftershave to provide relief to any existing irritation.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the shaved pubic region.


Pubic hair removal is not always a walk in the park. Whether you are using hair removal creams, hair removal gels or wax, some risks are inevitable. Some of the commons risks associated with pubic hair removal include:

  • You are likely to get unexpected cuts
  • The skin gets red, especially when using laser beams.
  • You may experience razor burns
  • The skin becomes excessively itchy
  • You may develop blisters and pimples.
  • Some creams and gels may burn your skin.
  • You may get folliculitis, where the hair root becomes infected.
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