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Ingrown Hair on Face Causes, Symptoms, Infected, Treatments and Remedies


Ingrown hairs on face occur on the human skin when some hairs curl and grow back into the skin. These ingrown hairs are common in men more than women. As a result of curling and growing back into the skin, one experiences raised red spots all around the face, especially around the cheeks.

Ingrown hair on face symptoms, causes, infected ingrown hair, remedies and treatments
pus filled ingrown hair 

Facial ingrown hairs may at times harbor some infection-causing organisms resulting to an infection. The region around the ingrown hairs turns into a pus-filled sore that is itchy and painful.

Ingrown hairs on face among men cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. This is due to the fact that, ingrown hair bumps are very itchy. In most cases, the itching comes at inconvenient times. In some instances, one has to excuse himself to scratch the itching skin.

The main bother in both men and women is when ingrown hairs on face get infections. The pus and the sores affect how one looks and feels. Self-confidence, as a result, lowers following such facial infections.

You might be asking yourself numerous questions such as what causes ingrown hairs on face, the best treatment for ingrown hairs on face, facial ingrown hair removal and ingrown hair prevention among others. In this context, this article answers most of these questions.


How would you know that you have ingrown hair on face condition? Understanding the symptoms would enable one to seek immediate remedy for the condition. According to the first signs of an ingrown hair are as follows:

  • A prolonged itchy feeling
  • The skin becomes red
  • The skin may also become swollen
  • The affected region may accumulate some pus
  • In some instances, the skin looks like one has acne

Why they occur

Many people have become victims of severe ingrown hair on face at one time or the other. In some instances, the face may appear swollen. In other instances, some people may experience ingrown hair on face for months. People always fear that ingrown hairs on face won’t heal.

However, understanding the causes may make it easier to find the best remedy for ingrown hairs on face. The best treatment for ingrown hairs on face depends on the causes behind the condition.

According to in the article “Ingrown Hairs”, anyone can get facial ingrown hairs. However, people with extremely curly and coarse hair stand higher chances of developing this skin condition. Curly hairs tend to bend back instead of growing straight. The bending is mainly witnessed after a shave. In most cases, ingrown hair on face is caused by the following factors: {}

  • Ingrown hair on face may result from hair follicle getting clogged with some existing dead skin cells.
  • When men shave, the cheeks may develop facial ingrown hairs.
  • Production of more sex hormones in men may stimulate excessive growth of hair. This comes along with frequent shaving. As a result, some hairs curl back causing ingrown hair condition.
  • African-Americans and most Latinos tend to have curlier and thicker hair. The curled hair tends to coil back, especially after a shave.
  • Ingrown facial hairs can also come as a result of plucking hairs and by waxing.
Facial hair removal can cause ingrown hairs on face
Facial hair removal can cause ingrown hairs on face

Infected ingrown hair on face

You may have witnessed people developing swollen skin conditions as a result of facial ingrown hairs. The area around these hairs develops bumps that look like sores. The sores are in most cases filled with pus. In this context, the condition may take months to heal. At times, one may think that the infected region won’t heal at all.

Pus filled ingrown hair - sign it has been infected
pus filled ingrown hair 

According to on Ingrown Hairs, the affected regions of the face become inflamed. Medically, this condition is known as folliculitis. The primary symptom of this condition is pus formation in the affected area.

However, you shouldn’t worry so much about infection on the face as a result of ingrown hairs. In most instances, the infected regions heal without medication. In other instances, one may seek treatment to facilitate fast treatment.

According to, many people are worried that ingrown hair on face may cause acne. Indeed, scars are left on the face when the infected regions heal. However, these scars may be removed through the use of ingrown hair creams. {}

Treatment and remedies

According to in the article “How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Infected Ingrown Hairs”, many people are bothered by ingrown hair on face removal. Additionally, many people spend substantial amount of researching on the best treatment for ingrown hair on face. {}

Some infections resulting from ingrown hair are mild and short-lived. They can be managed through the use of simple home remedies. However, severe ingrown hair on face may require specialized and comprehensive medical attention.

According to on how to remove an ingrown hair, various mechanisms and practices can be applied to remove an ingrown hair, especially on the face. These methods include: {}

Use of sharp objects

This is a simple home remedy that you can perform at the comfort of your home. The curled hairs can be removed through the use of tweezers, sterile needles or any other sharp medical device. The devices are able to pull the coiled pieces of hair to the surface of your skin.

Practicing personal hygiene

In most cases, keeping the regions around the affected areas clean significantly minimizes the spread of infections resulting from ingrown hair. You can use soap, antiseptic and warm water to do the cleaning. Application of some topical solutions can also prevent development of new ingrown hairs on face.

Massage and compress your skin

According to in the article “How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs” Massaging your cheeks and areas that are affected by ingrown hairs can help in preventing the curled hairs from coiling back. A piece of cloth dipped in hot water is used to massage the facial regions, especially the cheeks. {}

This therapy softens the hair while opening the hair follicles. When the skin is massaged, the coiled hairs are exposed to the surface. The remedy also prevents future cases on facial ingrown hairs.

Make use of an egg

This has been noted to be a simple home remedy for ingrown hair on face. You take the inner membrane of an egg and place it on the infected region. The membrane dries on that region. When it is pulled out, the membrane comes out with the coiled ingrown hairs.

Use ingrown hair removal cream

According to in the article “Ingrown Hair”, there exist numerous ingrown hair products that one can use. The best cure for ingrown hair on face is use of creams, especially when there is an infection. The creams reduce the swelling and the inflammation. Consequently, hair grows outward, instead of inward. {}

Some milk can also work for you

You have no idea what bread and milk is capable of doing in regard to ingrown hair on face. Bread dipped in warm milk is placed on the infected region. Allow the bread to remain on the skin for some time. You can repeat the procedure severally. Consequently, the bread makes the pores on your skin to open. This prevents hair from coiling back.

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